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Officer and Board Positions

Officer and Director Positions


The Board of Directors consists of four officers (president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer), six elected board members, the Race Director (appointed), the webmaster (appointed) and the past president. If you are willing to apply for a board position, please email Secretary Gerry Waclawczyk secretary@gsoski.org.  We also need to fill support positions (so please volunteer!) This is your club, and we cannot run it without you (and anyway it's kind of fun!).


The GSOC Officer and Director Positions


Office Responsibilities



Conducts board and membership meetings and oversees club operations. Delegates duties and responsibilities to others. Ensures compliance with Crescent Ski Council (CSC), federal, state and local laws. Click here for job description.


Back-up guy/gal for the president. In addition, is responsible for the club calendar. Click here for job description.



Oversees budgets and cash flow (in and out). Maintains compliance with CSC, federal, state and local laws. Click here for job description.




Records and maintains minutes of meetings. Maintains club records and correspondence. Click here for job description.

Western Trips Director


Plans long distance ski trips. Negotiates with travel agents and resort operators to get the best deals for the GSOC. Recruits, trains and mentors trip leaders. Ensures that club trip guidelines are followed. Click here for job description.

Local Trips And Outings Director

Plans local ski trips. Pretty much the same duties as winter trips director but on a local level. Plans and organizes outings. Delegates running of outings/events to outing/event leader. Click here for Local Trips job descriptionClick here for Outing Trips job description.

Membership Director


Responsible for recruiting and retention of members. Oversees membership activities including coordinating with database administrator and hospitality chair. Click here for job description.
Ways and Means Director Responsible for promoting GSOC via publicity and advertisement. Click here for job description.
Race Director Advertises and recruits racers. Obtains sponsors, manages race schedule and liaisons with CSC on race weekends. This position is appointed by the new president. Click here for job description.
Webmaster  Responsible for the GSOC internet presence utilizing the latest web development technology. Keeps the website up to date and accurate. Distributes club information by email marketing and social networking. This position is appointed by the new president. Click here for job description.

Support Positions

Social Committee for Schmoozing and Partying Events - Vacant

Database Administration Support




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